Room in the Inn | Nashville

Computer Use and Security Agreement

* Please read the agreement thoroughly. If you agree with the terms, click over the accept bottom below:

(1). I will not use resources, including electronic mail and Internet Worldwide web access, for purposes that violate ethical standards, including, harassment, threats, sending or accessing sexually explicit material, racially or ethically demeaning material, gambling, chain letters, for profit activities, political activities, promotion or solicitation of any activities prohibited by law.

(2). I will log completely off computer workstations any time I leave the workstation unattended.

(3). I will practice good housekeeping with all electronic equipment, including keeping all food, beverages, or other contaminants away from computers.

(4). I will use the computer system only for authorized purposes.

(5). I will use headphones and not disturb people around me if I need to listen to any program.

(6). I will report any damage to the computer I’m using to anyone in charge.

(7). I will not visit any Sexually Explicit or Offensive websites.

(8). I will not disturb other people ( Talking, cell phones etc..) around me.

(9). I understand that this is not a secure medium and that is possible for third parties to obtain information regarding my search activities. I understand that I should be very cautious about providing personal information over the Internet.

(10). I understand my responsibilities as a user of Room in the Inn’s computer system, and I will adhere to the rules and regulations above. If I violate this computer policy, I will be subject to administrative and or disciplinary action.

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